Wednesday, November 28, 2007

On Green Capitalism.

I recently spoke with Solitaire Townsend, founder of Futerra Sustainability Communications about the state of green industry and if she ever expected to run out of work. Futerra Co. is a full capacity communications firm located in London with a new branch that is soon to open in NYC. The business is structured so that they have one primary client; sustainable development. This essentially means that the companies and organizations that Futerra provides communications services for are secondary to the larger issue at hand. In a world of black and white where corporations are destructive and not for profits are underfunded-ly picking up the pieces it was relieving for Solitaire to tell me of this business structure. "We are not technically for profit but we are very profitable."

Futerra's Website

So there is hope for those of us that wish to be responsible consumers, business people, stewards of the land, and make money. If big-oil and socially destructive, environmentally exploitative corporations define the current business empire, who's to say that there cannot and will not be a move away from this. So much of the problem lies within the equation that money equals power. If green controls more of the green would we be in a better place? This of course is a simplified way to look at all the intricacies of international economy, but I believe the structure of Futerra is a move in the right direction.

To read more about the concept of green capitalism follow this link to

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