Thursday, February 21, 2008


Welcome to the editorial piece of Generation Sustain. We will be doing our best to highlight the next generation of socially and environmentally responsible thought, ventures, news, and art. Now that green is chic and on the verge of being cliche we believe there is a need to highlight positive endeavors that are working toward the goal of taking our world and the systems we use to reach a level of sustainable prosperity. Whether or not the Earth is melting or freezing, and whether humans will end up being the disease or the cure, there is a strong youthful push to rethink the way in which we live, interact, and think. This group that ranges from artists to entrepreneurs and everyone in between is pushing the envelope and reshaping our society. The call is out and we believe that the future of our beautiful Earth is in our hands, so it is our duty to answer this call and make sure that we live the most responsible lives we can, and be proud of it.

Every generation is defined by a decisive set of events as we rise up to overcome the challenges we collectively face. Let our generation be defined by our rising up to combat climate change and social inequality as we create responsible ventures and live sustainable lives.

We are just beginning this push so we hope you check back frequently for updates and feel free to contact us.

Welcome and thank you!

Generation Sustain

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