Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rural Broadband: Shelburne Falls, MA

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West County Green Entrepreneurs, please check out these exciting Green Entrepreneurs lectures(Michel GW, Dancing Star, chunksofenergy, chunksofenergyblogspot.comGreen for Green:

Exceptional Environmental Entrepreneurs Lecture Series

Sponsored by the Valley Environmental Educational Collaborative

January 29

Comprehensive Sustainability from the Crop to the Cup

With Dean Cycon of Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company

Held at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Hadley, 7:00 p.m.

Join Fair Trade visionary and long time environmental activist Dean Cycon of Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company for an upbeat and uplifting exploration about integrating ecological and social justice concerns into the heart of his business operations. Dean’s company has received recognition from the United Nations, the Coffee industry, environmental and civic groups for his pioneering efforts in people-centered development, indigenous rights, critical habitat protection and trade justice. His book “Javatrekker: Dispatches from the World of Fair Trade Coffee” won the Gold Medal as the Best Travel Book of 2008 from the Independent

Publishers Association. Get ready to be inspired!

For more information call 413-253-8303. Free and open to the public.

February 12

Using Entrepreneurial Thinking to Meet Social and Environmental Challenges in the New Economy

with John Majercak, Springfield ReStore Director and Developer

Held at Northfield Mountain Environmental and Recreation Center, 7:00p.m.

The ReStore has a triple bottom line - profit (or self-sufficiency), sustaining the environment and supporting the local community. This “for-benefit” non-profit corporation has diverted thousands of pounds of waste from landfills, provided local jobs and job training and made home improvement more affordable for people. John Majercak developed the ReStore in 2001 and will talk about the joys, challenges and lessons learned through starting and growing a small, triple bottom line business. For more information and to pre-register call 800-859-2960. A $5.00 donation is appreciated.

February 25

The People’s Pint: A Model of Sustainable Business

with Alden Booth, Co-owner of The People’s Pint

Held at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, Amherst, 7:00 p.m.

The People's Pint is founded with a commitment to simplicity and a reliance on self and the local community. Whenever possible,

the restaurant serves organic foods supplied by local growers and producers oriented around the seasons. Co-owners Alden Booth and Dan Young compost all waste that comes from diner's plates or out of The Pint's kitchen. In what Booth calls "a wonderful little loop," he uses the compost to feed his pigs at home. Join Alden as he shares his exemplary business philosophy. For more information and to pre-register call 413-256-6006. A $5 donation is appreciated.

March 24

Quabbin's "Green" Certification: Justification, Impacts, and Challenges in a

Changing Rural Economy

with Thom Kyker – Snowman, Quabbin Environmental Analyst

Held at the Quabbin Visitor Center, Belchertown, 7:00 p.m.

In 1997, the Quabbin forest became the first public land in North America to achieve "green certification" from the Rainforest Alliance "Smart Wood" program. Please join Quabbin Environmental Analyst Thom Kyker-Snowman to discuss what green certification is, how certified sustainable forest management practices at Quabbin have impacted the local rural economy, and where challenges remain in the hoped-for effects of certification. For more information call 413-323-7221. A $5 donation is appreciated.

April 7

Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Innovation: Stories From The Cutting Edge

with Chris Lotspeich, Principal of Second Hill Group consultancy

Held at the Holyoke Heritage State Park Visitor's Center, Holyoke, 7:00 p.m.

Business as usual is damaging our planet's life support systems. Entrepreneurship and innovation are vital drivers of change as humanity transitions towards a more sustainable global society. From start-ups to mega-corporations, in government and nonprofit organizations as well as the private sector, individuals with vision and determination are reshaping the world. Chris Lotspeich will share examples of entrepreneurs and new ideas in action around the world in this illustrated presentation.

For more information call 413-534-1723. A $5 donation is appreciated.

April 22

Playing with Solar Tour of A2Z Science and Nature Stores Solar Array,

with Jack Finn, owner of A2Z

Held at A2Z Science & Learning Store, Northampton, 7:00 p.m.

Sponsored by Massachusetts Audubon/Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Jack Finn, a biologist by trade, is teaching about the environment in a unique way; through toys. At A2Z players of any age will find inspiring and educational toys. But the toys are not the only education you will get at A2Z, as you can now learn how this small business has gone green and yellow with solar power. A2Z expects the 44, recently installed solar panels on its roof to produce 24% of the annual electrical usage. Join Jack at A2Z to learn about how solar energy is working for his business, tips for homeowners or small businesses and other ways in which A2Z is promoting “green play” For more information and to pre-register call 584-3009. A $5 donation is appreciated.

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